About Us

Sister 2 Sister was established in 2008 by 3 sisters who felt that is was about time women in their local area had better access to knowledge, opportunities and a safe space to interact. They began by running one ‘open discussion’ session a week, and through dedication and perseverance gradually expanded the range of activities run. Sister 2 Sister now provides the opportunities for diverse women of all ages through educational, spiritual, social and sports activities.


Sister 2 Sister is also a member of Aston Sports and Community Club – a cooperative of local sports and community organisations working together for the benefit of the Aston area.

Overall Mission

To empower women through knowledge and opportunity.


Our Objectives

  • To provide knowledge through information sharing.
  • To facilitate personal and spiritual development.
  • To organise social and cultural activities.
  • To run health and sports sessions.
  • To provide an open and supportive environment for women to interact and share experiences.

Sponsors / Partners